Please donate to help the Cavner and Julian families

A checking account has been set up at Sterling Savings Bank under the name of Preston and Stacie Cavner Donation Fund. This account is linked to the paypal and all paypal transactions will be deposited into the Sterling Saving account. Donations can be made at any Sterling Savings location or online through paypal. The account number for donations is 5998 0410 688. There are no administration fees associated with the accounts, just the credit card processing fee paid to paypal, which all credit card processors have to pay. Nikki Fackrell is the administrator of the account and she currently working with the family and hospital to send out immediate funds. All of her efforts in setting up, maintaining the accounts and coordinating payments to the family are voluntary. 100% of the funds are going to help out the Cavner family during their lengthy hospital stay. Please help them out. They will have many nights away from home.

The families of Preston and Stacie have set up a hospital sponsored website for checking medical updates. This is the current preferred way of communication for the families. I have posted a link to the site under “Medical Updates”, it will take you directly to the site, where you can become a member. You can read the most current updates as well as send messages to the families.

A link to Sterling Savings website has been posted that will show locations of all bank branches.

Please click on the button to donate to a paypal fund to help with doctor bills, travel expenses, etc.  Thanks!

Donate to Stacie and Preston's family via PayPal

Why did I set up this Fund?
My name is Nikki Fackrell and I went to high school with Stacie and knew both her brothers and parents. I was not close to Stacie, but when you live in a small town, you don’t have to be close to someone to feel heartache and sorrow for the whole family when tragedy happens. I kept reading all the posts on Facebook about how everyone felt and that no one knew how to help the family. It made me think of my own family and how I felt when my daughter was in the NICU for two weeks. Those feelings are devastating and I remember how I felt staying at the hospital for days and hours on end. I wanted to do something for the family and was waiting, like so many other people, for someone to tell me what we should do. This lead to another thought, one of the New York City man that lay dying on the sidewalk for over 24 hours and so many people just walked past him and never helped. I did not want to be those people, if I can do something to help the family, then I should and I will. So, the Preston and Stacie Cavner Donation Fund was set up. It started by a simple paypal account, which is really not so simple to send money to if you do not have a paypal account or know the email to send the money to, so I asked the biggest computer nerd I know, Ben Plehal, to help me with a website. Thank you Ben, it would have taken me days to figure out a webpage. Thank you to everyone and I hope that as a community and family we can ease the burden that this family has to carry.

I have just included a link to a Portland news station that did a piece on Hudson and Portland Fire Department. It is a great story.

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